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Welcome to Photonics Systems Research Lab at KAIST

Our interests span a range of science and engineering topics related to photonic systems and subsystems. We have been working on high-capacity fiber-optic transmission systems, free-space optical communications, broadband optical access systems, and photonic sensor systems since 2014.


2022-02-28   Seokyoung has joined our lab.

2021-12-03   Jongwan won the Best Student Paper Award in PC2021. Also, our lab won the Best Research lab Award in PC2021.

2021-03-02   Gyuwan and Woohyeon have joined our lab.

2021-02-01   Dr. Tianwai Bo is appointed as Associate Professor in Beijing Institute of Technology.

2020-12-01   Daeseong won the Best Student Paper Award in PC2020. Also, our lab won the Best Research lab Award in PC2020.

2020-07-28   Insuk has joined our lab.

2020-03-14   Keunjae, Jaeyun and David have joined our lab.

2019-12-18   Zonglong's paper is selected one of the most downloaded articles in the area of optical communications published in Optics Express and Optics Letters. [ abstract ]

2019-12-05   Our lab won the Best Research lab Award in PC2019. [ more ]

2019-11-14   Daeseong has joined our lab.

2019-09-02   Jihoon and Mat have joined our lab.

2019-07-11   Dr. Tianwai Bo won the IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Outstanding Reviewer Award.

2019-06-21   Dr. Tianwai Bo received Outstanding Reviewer recognition from the Optical Society of America.

2019-06-04   Zonglong won the Best Student Paper Award in COOC2019.

Join Us

We always have an eye out for highly motivated M.S. and Ph.D. program students with interests in the areas of photonic systems/subsystems and optical transmission systems. A postdoctoral position is available to study free-space optical communications and high-capacity transmission systems.
Please contact me directly at if you are interested in the position.

Contact Us

Building E3-2, Room 4204
School of Electrical Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
291 Daehak-ro Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Korea 34141 [  map  ]